Grinding Equipment


As you can see no job is either to small or too large for Stump and Grind:

We use a Bandit 2100 Stump Grinder for our easy access, medium and large stump grinding operations and are able to make short work of even the largest stumps you might have.

For those smaller jobs or for those with very limited access we use a “Partner Mini Grinder”.Even if you have no way to the back garden other than through your house Stump and Grind can still get there to do the job cleanly and without fuss for you.¬†We are able to grind stumps in neat lawns , and to make good the area afterwards.


Our Bandit 2100 machines, they make short work of any type of tree stump from softer pines to the toughest solid oak.

Some other stump removal companies rest the safety of the job (and your property) on checking around the stump before starting work with a metal detector, others don’t even do that! At Stump and Grind we take safety very seriously, not only do we always use a metal detector to check for barbed wire, old fence spikes and such like, which could fly off during grinding and cause trouble, Stump and Grind have also invested in CAT scanners for each of our teams to ensure we never damage any of your main household services.

Imagine being without water for a few days because the pipe had been ground through, or worse still explaining to your neighbours why there is a gas leak. With Stump and Grind you get peace of mind from knowing we invest in safety.

We believe this safe, efficient and tidy work ethos is why our partnerships with local tree and landscaping companies continue to grow and grow.