At Stump and Grind our number one priority is Customer Service, we understand how frustrating it can be waiting for a courier or a tradesman to arrive, especially when you’ve had to take time off to let them in. All of our appointments are confirmed and our Operatives will arrive punctually and well presented. If for any reason we did have to cancel or delay your booking you can be sure that Stump and Grind will let you know well in advance so that it has the minimum impact on our clients.
We all take great pride in our work and you can be sure that Stump and Grind will not leave you until you have signed off the job sheet to say that you are totally happy with the work and clearing up we have done for you.

In most cases once we have finished the grinding we will use the mulch to backfill the hole where the stump used to be but for a nominal charge we will take away the mulch for you and fill the hole with top soil and make good with turf if required.

This is usually only requested when stumps are removed from a lawned area as we are not a landscaping company and do not undertake any other turfing work. If you have any out of the ordinary requests then please call us to discuss this in advance and we will help all we can, we work closely with many landscaping companies and are sure to be able to recommend the right company to complete the work for you.

bandit-2100-020We start by getting the right machine into position. Our Bandit 2100 is thin enough to get through most garden gates. Then the grinding begins and you’ll be amazed at the speed and accuracy of both our machines and our operators.

This old Cherry stump was the best part of one and a half feet deep but that’s not a problem for Stump and Grind. Once we’re finished we put the mulch back in the hole to fill it for you.

In a few months the mulch will have rotted down and the ground is ready for a little top soil and then seeding or turfing.