Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1: Payment Terms: Payment should be made in full within 7 days of the invoice date, unless alternative payment terms have been agreed. Failure to do so may result in interest being charged. Payment can be received via Cash, Cheque or bank transfer. Credit/debit cards are not accepted.

2: Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Orders: Stump and Grind Ltd will require proof of written permission from the relevant Local Authority prior to works being carried out.

3: Consent: Trees situated outside the clients property must have written consent from the owners before any work can commence, Stump and Grind Ltd will not accept liability if this has not been obtained.

4: Pricing: When quotations contain individually priced trees/stumps and only selected items are accepted, Stump and Grind Ltd reserves the right to amend the pricing of the selected items. All prices quoted are valid for 3 months from date of quotation.

5: Site Conditions: The quotation is based on the site conditions at the time of the site visit remaining unchanged. When specifying trees to be reduced to ground level (which does not include Stump Removal) this is a guideline and is
dependant on no contamination (stones, metal etc…) being found in the trunk base. If this is the case then the trunk will be left as low as possible.

6: Site:
(a) Every effort will be made to leave the work areas in their original condition, however, due to the nature of our work, some areas such as flower borders, long grass and gravel drives may contain minor debris which we are unable to remove.
Where necessary Stump and Grind Ltd can move garden furniture, garden ornaments etc… If we are required to do so, we can accept no liability for these items.
(b)  Every care will be taken during Tree Surgery Operations to avoid damage to the surrounding area and lawns, however on occasion due their proximity, minor damage may occur to surrounding foliage.
(c)Underground services: These must be drawn to the attention of Stump and Grind Ltd, otherwise Stump and Grind Ltd cannot be held responsible to any damage caused.

7: Stump Grinding:
(a) Works: unless otherwise stated ‘to grind out the stump’ refers to the removal of the root bole to a maximum depth of 12”.
Not the root system or exposed shallow roots, these will be quoted for separately. Unless otherwise stated, grinding mulch is back filled neatly into the stump cavity and left on site.
(b) Damage: Any Underground Services must be drawn to the attention of Stump and Grind Ltd, otherwise Stump and Grind Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage caused. Extensive precautions are put in place to protect property during the grinding operation; however, flying debris may sometimes clear the screening. If this is the case and damage occurs (after these precautions are in place), Stump and Grind Ltd cannot be held liable for this.

8: Acceptance: Written or verbal acceptance of any quotation will also be regarded as acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions.


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